Ice Cream & Sorbet
La vanille, la noix de coco, rhum Raisin, chocolat, café, Durian, Taro
sorbet mangue, Sorbet Fraise, Sorbet au citron

Vanilla, Coconut, Rum Raisin, Chocolate, Coffee, Durian, Taro
Mango Sorbet, Strawberry Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet

  • All our meat is sourced from premium butchers, aged to optimum tenderness, rubbed with Kampot sea salt and Kampot Starling peppercorns, charcoal grilled and drizzled with Tuscan olive oil and lemon for a full flavour.


EXTRA-RARE OR BLUE | bleu Very red and cold

RARE | saignant Cold red center, soft

MEDIUM RARE | à point Warm red center, firmer

MEDIUM WELL | cuit Small amount of pink in the cente

WELL DONE | bien cuit Gray-brown throughout, firm

CHICAGO Charred outside, cooked to order inside